World Tourism Day 2021! What is it?

World Tourism Day 2021! What is it?

World Tourism Day! What is it?

World Tourism Day, celebrated each year on 27 September, is the global observance day fostering awareness of tourism’s social, cultural, political and economic contributions to society. In order to celebrate this important occasion, here are some fun facts about world tourism from around the globe…

World Tourism Day
World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day
On September 27th each year, countries around the world celebrate World Tourism Day. This year marks the 30th anniversary of World Tourism Day, which started in 1987 by Travel & Tourism magazine, with global recognition in 1990 by United Nations. The day recognizes one’s responsibility to act ethically and responsibly while traveling or when running a business related to tourism. Countries participating in World Tourism Day include

World Tourism Day History
Originally called International Tourist Year, World Tourism Day was initiated by a United Nations’ resolution in 2001. The first World Tourism Day was celebrated on 27 September 2002 with a theme of Tourism and Sustainability. The main objective of World Tourism Day is to promote awareness of tourism’s social, cultural, political and economic contributions to its host countries.

Why is it Important?
Every year, on 27 September, international tourism stakeholders unite to acknowledge World Tourism Day. The day commemorates one of the world’s fastest growing industries, which generates nearly $7 trillion in economic activity each year. This represents 9% of global GDP and supports over 235 million jobs around the world.

How Can I Celebrate It?
We’ve found that one of our favorite ways to celebrate World Tourism Day is by making a trip out of an occasion. Whether you’re trying to make plans for your next big vacation or simply want to explore your own neighborhood, there are endless possibilities for how you can enjoy and appreciate travel on World Tourism Day.

We encourage you to use September 27th as an opportunity to rekindle your interest in travelling by pursuing something new and different than what’s become routine. Whether you plan a day-trip with friends or family or go all out and create an itinerary that spans multiple countries, we know that once you begin seeing travel as a holiday, it will likely become one of your greatest passions.

Why is World Tourism Day celebrated?
On 27 September, let’s take a moment to be grateful for all of those who dedicate their lives to travelling and exploring. World Tourism Day is a day in which we appreciate all that travel brings to our lives. It allows us to learn from other cultures, discover beautiful destinations and celebrate a feeling of freedom in which we are never truly tourists, but always travellers.

Who started World Tourism Day?
The United Nations World Tourism Organization established World Tourism Day in 2001, though it had been suggested as early as 1954. The day aims to raise awareness of sustainable tourism practices and offer opportunities for better understanding between cultures through travel. This year’s celebration marks a decade since WTD was first created, and celebrates tourism’s key role in shaping our global society.

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