World Rose Day 2021- A day for people with cancer to feel loved and cared for

World Rose Day 2021- A day for people with cancer to feel loved and cared for

World Rose Day– A day for people with cancer to feel loved and cared for

What do roses have to do with cancer patients? Well, let me tell you… The founder of World Rose Day, Susannah Mushatt Jones, passed away from breast cancer on May 12th at the age of 116 years and 310 days. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized her as the world’s oldest living person, which she was dubbed as The world’s oldest woman by many news outlets around the world including CNN and CBS News.

World Rose Day

World Rose Day 2018
September 22 is World Rose Day! This is a special day that honors those who have had cancer and those who are currently living with it. It also honors those of us who love someone who has had cancer or is currently living with it. Since September 22, 2005, thousands of people around world have been sending roses every year on World Rose Day to show their love and support for those touched by cancer.

Who Is World Rose Day For?
World Rose Day is intended to be celebrated by all persons. However, World Rose Day will be most appreciated by patients who are battling cancer. Cancer patients may find themselves isolated from friends, family members, work colleagues or others that they regularly interact with. Whether it’s due to their lifestyle changes like weight loss or hair loss, embarrassment at their appearance or even simply because of an unwillingness to impose on others; some cancer patients can become reclusive. As a result of their isolation, they may become depressed and anxious about what lies ahead for them both personally and professionally.

How to Celebrate World Rose Day
Anyone who has had someone close to them affected by cancer knows how stressful, shocking, devastating, lonely, scary, heartbreaking it can be. World Rose Day is about creating one special day each year when you do something to help your friend or family member that was diagnosed. It doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult.

Something simple like a card or letter letting them know you are thinking of them goes a long way in making their life just a little brighter on their difficult days. Don’t forget every year there are millions of new diagnoses of various types of cancers all over the world. Letting someone close know they are not alone will make all the difference in their recovery process.

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