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Wikipedia is getting its first desktop redesign in 10 years – Times of India

The desktop site of Wikipedia is getting a major user-interface redesign almost after 10 years. Wikipedia has been there for 20 years now and has become the go-to source of crowd sourced information for a particular topic, person, place and other stuff. The website is now finally getting a change in design and layout to make the site on par with modern design and to make it more readable for users.
A post on MediaWiki website, the tool that powers the entire Wikipedia, mentioned the idea behind the redesign and also provides animated GIFs to demonstrate the upcoming design statement of the website.
The post also mentions that these things are necessary to bring the desktop interface in sync with modern web platforms, fix the haphazardly placed navigation and interfaces to make it easy to understand and use. Also, it is to fix the usage difference between the desktop interface, apps and mobile web.
MediaWiki website also clarifies that they are just working on the interface and nothing will change in terms of styling templates, structure of the page contents, map support and cross-wiki templates. “Elements of the interface might move around, but all navigational items and other functionality currently available by default will remain.” says the post.
All the new changes and developments are expected to be implemented by 2021.

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