Understanding the latest Windows 11 update

Almost one year after Windows 11 was released, Microsoft officially launched its first major update this week.

The Windows 11 update is available for free and was released in 190 countries on Tuesday. It focuses mainly on hybrid work, Microsoft’s vision of what the future should be like.

the newest tool on the market is Smart App Control, a firewall application. Microsoft states that Windows 11 is the most secure operating system they have released to date.

Understanding the latest Windows 11 update
Understanding the latest Windows 11 update

A change in the Snap layouts program means that you can have multiple apps and documents open at once on your screen, and a “Focus session” with DND will help reduce distractions.

The Start menu is getting a refresh for Windows 11, including a faster search function and new ways to customize the menu. Windows now have tabs in its File Explorer.

With Windows Studio Effects, you can improve video and audio calls without being bothered by background noise or blurred-out objects.

Microsoft is also working on some new accessibility features, such as live captions that automatically generate captions from any form of audio content on Windows 11 and an update to Natural Voices for Narrator that more closely mirrors natural speech patterns.

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