The World’s Most Traveled People on Why Now Is the Golden Age of Travel

“Several years ago, I took a cruise to Antarctica on one of our Seabourn ships and it was a life-changing trip that I’ll never forget. We immersed ourselves in this rugged, unforgiving, and remote corner of the earth, and we were able to see up close the magic and beauty of such a unique environment. …To me, it renewed the human spirit and it was the trip of a lifetime. It seems like that type of experience would have been much harder to come by several decades ago.” –Arnold Donald, Carnival Corporation, President and CEO

“We launched Belmond Orcaella in 2013 when the Chindwin River opened up for tourism. Traveling along the Chindwin River is like traveling through a land untouched by the modern world and where time stands still. It’s an exceptional experience to travel through such undiscovered lands and receive such a warm welcome from the rural communities who are excited to welcome tourism.” –Roeland Vos, Belmond, President and CEO

AndBeyond’s five-bedroom Vamizi Suluwilo villa, on its private Mozambican island.

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More people have access to more travel—and it does a lot more than just open your eyes.

“Travel is perspective. You never understand who you are and where you come from with greater clarity than when you look on either from afar.” –Guy Trebay, Writer

“While learning about the world and its cultures and history is imperative, actually seeing and experiencing them are the key to understanding others. We’re more connected technologically than ever, but in some ways also more divided as a global culture than ever, too. Travel can help bridge this gap.” –Edie Rodriguez, Crystal Cruises, President and CEO

“When people visit [our] properties, the pristine landscapes and incredible wildlife leave them in awe. I think knowing that both a lot of care and effort goes into conserving and restoring these natural lands gives our guests a real sense of pride. They’re having a great and unique experience, while also helping to do good. I think that’s becoming more of a focus for travelers because ultimately, most of us really want to make this world a better place.” –Ted Turner, Ted Turner Expeditions and Turner Ranches, CEO and Founder

“If every person on this planet, all seven billion of us, had the privilege and opportunity to travel… there would be no wars, we would understand our impact on the worlds resources, we would honor and protect the beautiful cities, ecosystems, biospheres, flora, fauna, wildlife, customs and communities we saw,  we would raise our children better with more natural tolerance and understanding of the world around us and our impact on it. We would have a better, more peaceful, and more sustainable world in my opinion. And what better outcome could one ask for than that from a human activity that in and of itself is such fun!” –Joss Kent, AndBeyond, CEO

How Travel Has Changed Over the Last 30 Years

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“I was already 25 years old the first time I stepped on an airplane, and that’s because air travel used to be a luxury that only the wealthy—or those flying on company expense accounts—could afford. Today it has become an affordable, important part of nearly everyone’s lives, and it’s easy to forget that wasn’t always the case.” –Ed Bastian, Delta Air Lines, CEO