antimicrobial towels

Towels that have been treated or manufactured with materials that inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi are known as antimicrobial towels. These towels are available in a variety of materials, including cotton, microfiber, and polyester, and can be treated with antimicrobial agents such as silver or copper ions.

Antimicrobial towels have a number of advantages, including reducing germ spread, preventing odors caused by bacterial growth, and increasing towel longevity by reducing bacterial wear and tear. They are commonly found in medical settings, hospitals, gyms, and other public places.

antimicrobial towels
antimicrobial towels

While antimicrobial towels can inhibit the growth of microorganisms, they do not necessarily kill all germs and should still be used with caution.

Say goodbye to musky, bacteriostatic towels: Mizu is Japanese for “cold water,” referring to the soft water craftsmanship techniques used to create the most luxurious, soft, and anti-bacterial towels.

Natural Silver-Infused Antibacterial Fibers

Stops 99.9% of bacterial growth

Proprietary Color-Changing Strips

Advanced bacteria detection, tells you when to wash!

Premium Japanese Craftsmanship

Made with traditional artisanal techniques from Imabari, Japan

These quick-drying towels are woven with a 600-gsm thread count to maximize exposure to open air and allow water to easily evaporate through the towel’s fibers.

Your towel is spotless. Stop using dirty towels that are contaminated with coliform bacteria!

These antimicrobial towels are made from pure, natural silver-coated fibers that are ultra-soft and have been shown to inhibit 99% of bacterial growth.


MIZU Alerts You When It’s Dirty
Each towel is lined with solvatochromic dye strips that change from blue to red when it’s time to wash it.

Sensing areas change color when they come into contact with oil, bacteria, residual soap, chemicals, fat, or sweat, indicating contamination.

Best Antimicrobial Towels
Best Antimicrobial Towels

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