Rock Art Hima Added As Saudi Arabia’s 6th UNESCO World Heritage Site

A sixth site in Saudi Arabia has been added to UNESCO’s world heritage list, the UN organisation announced on Saturday.

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Most expensive wines in the world

84675114If you are a wine lover and think that wines are already expensive enough, wait till you read this article. Here are some vintage wine bottles that are considered to be the most expensive wines in the world.

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Major Websites Had Access Issues Around the World for Over One Hour

Paytm, Hotstar, Sony LIV, PlayStation Network, Steam and many other major Internet platforms are currently down. Akamai has confirmed that it is experiencing an outage, affecting large parts of the…

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HIV “Significant” Risk Factor For Severe Covid: World Health Organisation

HIV is a “significant” risk factor for severe Covid-19, the World Health Organization said in research published on Thursday that showed a major increase in deaths among patients who have the virus…

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The high-flying world of the pilots of Instagram

Search the hashtag “pilots of Instagram” and you’ll see endless images of pilots posing on the runway or in the cockpit. Pilots are hugely popular on the social media platform, with some garnering more followers than Hollywood stars.eBmKtJVCkvU

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China is facing its worst power shortage in a decade. That’s a problem for the whole world

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China is in the middle of a huge power crunch as extreme weather, surging demand for energy and strict limits on coal usage deliver a triple blow to the nation's electricity grid. It's a problem that could last for months, straining the country's economic recovery and weighing on global trade.


National Geographic says the world has a fifth ocean

National Geographic, one of the world’s pre-eminent and most visible mapmaking groups, has officially decreed the existence of a fifth ocean. Called the Southern Ocean, it’s the body of water that surrounds Antarctica.

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New British Note Featuring World War 2 Codebreaker Enters Circulation

A new 50 pound ($70) banknote featuring the mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing enters circulation in Britain on Wednesday, three months after the Bank of England first unveiled the…

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