Why COVID survivors need to defer vaccination

Why COVID survivors need to defer vaccinationHow long are recovered COVID-19 patients safe for? Why is it considered best to wait and get vaccinated? We explain…

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Reasons why these royals gave up their royal titles

83367790When it comes to royal families around the world, they are known for their lavish lifestyles, long standing prestige and vast fortunes. Not many would reject this sort of luxury and extravagance. However, in the past, several royals have given up their royal riches or titles for astonishing reasons.

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Why Lillibet Diana won’t have a royal title

83306255The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex announced the birth of their second child and baby daughter, Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, on Sunday. The royal baby was born Friday morning at the Santa Barbara hospital in California. While the baby’s name is not only a nod to the Queen but also an ode to the late Princess Diana, many are still wondering whether or not the new baby will be adorned with her royal title.

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Why finding origins of COVID is important

83229911With the U.S. and growing global authorities pressing for a more thorough investigation, it has now become more evident than ever to know where, and what caused the virus to leak.

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How new COVID-19 variants come up and why it’s concerning

83113687What exactly makes these variants prop up? And, if vaccines may not fully protect us, how do we stay safe?

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Reasons why your wife avoids being intimate

83084045Intimacy is very important for a relationship to keep going. It keeps the spark alive, brings you closer to each other, and keeps the romance in check. However, it is very common in many relationships to lose charm and attraction over time.

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