Disney to Resume Florida-Based Cruises in August

Walt Disney Co’s cruise division said on Friday it would start operations from U.S. ports again next month, following a months-long pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Disney Dream will depart from Port Canaveral, Florida on Aug. 9 to the …

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China looks to outshine Japan at next year’s winter Olympic games

These are not the Olympics of Japan’s dreams. The Games were supposed to be a comeback after decades of economic stagnation and devastation from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. With geopolitical rival China hosting the Winter Olympics, Japan wants to avoid losing center stage. CNN’s Selina Wang reports.95kO3wDGHes

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Is it cultural appropriation to wear another country’s national dress when you travel?

Stepping into Pandora Cheng’s qipao rental store in central Hong Kong is like stepping back in time. A brown leather Chesterfield sofa sits in one corner beside a gramophone, opposite row-upon-row of tailor-made qipaos, the traditional high-neck Chinese dress.vAkBCSatcKQ

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Worried about traveling with unvaccinated kids? 6 questions answered on how to manage the risks

Across the US, Covid-19 cases are rising again, primarily in unvaccinated populations. Most of these cases are due to the highly infectious delta variant of SARS-Cov-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. Many children are among those who aren’t vaccinated, simply because no vaccines have been authorized for children under 12. About a quarter of children aged 12-15 years have been vaccinated. Given the rise in cases and the inability to vaccinate young children, many parents are concerned about the safety of traveling this summer.9iuK63VuEvc

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Vaccinated People In High Covid-Risk Areas Of US Need To Mask Again

People vaccinated against Covid-19 in high-risk parts of the United States should resume wearing masks indoors, the top health authority said Tuesday.

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Chile’s Ancient Mummies Added To UN Heritage List

Chile’s Chinchorro mummies, the oldest in the world to have been purposefully preserved by humans, were added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List on Tuesday.

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Joe Biden Accuses Russia Trying To Disrupt 2022 Elections

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday accused his Russian counterpart of seeking to disrupt the 2022 congressional elections by spreading “misinformation.”

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Biden mileage rule to exceed Obama climate goal

84804740The proposed rules from the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation are expected to be released as early as next week, according to four industry and government officials who have been briefed on the plan.

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Activision workers plan walkout to protest sexism

84805730Employees at Activision Blizzard planned a work stoppage on Thursday to protest sexism at the video game company, according to a rallying cry echoing on social media. The Activision Blizzard Walkout for Equality is to last through the work day, with a live event during lunch time hours at the firm’s campus in the Southern California city of Irvine.

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Gulfstream Insurance Admits Insolvency, Agrees to Liquidate

Personal residential insurer Gulfstream Property and Casualty Insurance Co. has agreed to liquidate according to a July 22 order signed by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. The Florida Department of Financial Services must agree to receivership before the liquidation …

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Centre to scrap 51% holding clause to privatise insurer

The draft Bill, which has been sent for approval by the Union Cabinet before introducing it in Parliament, seeks to remove the 51% floor on government holding, official sources told TOI.

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“Cruelty”: Britney Spears Files Plea To Replace Father In Conservatorship

Britney Spears has launched a legal bid to remove her father from a controversial guardianship controlling her finances and replace him with an independent accountant, according to court documents…

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7 ways to be a better friend to your partner

84641687Being in a relationship is a beautiful feeling. You may want your partner to take you up as your friend but that isn’t happening. If so, you should definitely learn 7 ways to be a better friend to your partner.

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