YouTube App on Android Now Lets You Share Chapters From Videos

YouTube app on Android now allows users to share video chapters with others. YouTube added chapters functionality to its videos last year which makes it quite easy for viewers to skip to specific…

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How to share the load of raising a kid

83912288Parenting is a tough job. As delightful as it seems to have a child, it can be as challenging with time. Moreover, if one person bears all the burden of taking care of the kid, feeding them, dressing them and also looking after their academics, it sure can take a toll.

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‘The Black Crowes’ share never-before-seen quarantine recording

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Chris & Rich Robinson from “The Black Crowes” joined Anderson Cooper Full Circle and shared never-before-seen footage of their hit “She Talks to Angels” recorded during a 2020 acoustic quarantine session. Watch “Full Circle” Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6p E.T.


Couples share ‘silent killers’ in a marriage

83110759What really causes a divorce? Is it the ardent and noticeable differences in opinions and views, or is it because both partners have fallen out of love? Actually, after many pieces of research, experts have concluded that some very specific reasons contribute to the end of the marriage, and the most common one being ‘silent killers’ of a relationship i.e the factors that go completely unnoticed. Hence, some divorced couples tell us what the silent killers in their relationship have been.

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