Air traffic controller’s ‘slip of the tongue’ nearly causes plane crash

An air traffic controller at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport gave incorrect instructions to pilots in an incident that nearly saw two planes come within 300 feet of crashing into each other on Tuesday.Air traffic controller’s ‘slip of the tongue’ nearly causes plane crash

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A Boeing 737 cargo plane makes emergency landing in the water near Honolulu

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The pilots of a cargo plane that made an emergency landing off the coast of Honolulu, Hawaii, early Friday morning told air traffic controllers one of their engines had failed moments before the flight went down, according to LiveATC recordings reviewed by CNN.


Four-Seater Sightseeing Plane Crashes In France Killing Three

Three people died after a sightseeing plane crashed in northern France Saturday, following what is thought to have been an engine failure, the local prosecutor said.

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US Flight Diverted After Man Threatens To “Take Plane Down”

A flight en route from Los Angeles to Atlanta was diverted for an emergency landing when a passenger attacked two flight attendants and threatened to bring down the plane, authorities said.

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Plane With Kamala Harris Onboard Forced To Land After “Technical Issue”

US Vice President Kamala Harris’s plane was forced to land soon after take-off on Sunday due to a technical problem on her way to Guatemala for her first international trip.

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