Experience Of Lifetime: Richard Branson After Few Minutes Of Space Flight

A Virgin Galactic spaceship carrying Richard Branson touched down Sunday after a voyage the British billionaire called an “experience of a lifetime.”

Original source: https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/billionaire-richard-branson-takes-off-aboard-virgin-galactic-to-the-edge-of-space-2484260

Jeff Bezos is going to space for 11 minutes. Here’s how risky that is

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Jeff Bezos can have anything. He could circle the globe in a private jet or sail it forever in a fleet of megayachts. He could afford to buy a the whole NFL; he could buy an archipelago for his family and friends; he could buy over 65,000 Bugatti Chirons (base price $2.9 million), even though only 500 are being built. As the world's richest person, the possibilities are endless. But Bezos appears ready to risk it all for an 11-minute ride to space.