Signs your lover is after lust, not love

84238213Being in a delusion that your partner is happily in love with you, is not healthy. Often when we love someone, we tend to think that they reciprocate our feelings, when in reality they do not. And this behaviour becomes very evident with some clear signs. These signs are also huge red flags that indicate your partner isn’t in a committed relationship with you for love. And so, we have listed a few red flags that will help you identify if your partner is with you for their lust.

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7 historical fiction novels about war-torn love

84202737Love knows no bounds and can happen in the unlikeliest of places. To dive deeper into this, here are 7 must-read historical fiction novels about war-torn love.

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Richard Branson: ‘I would love Jeff Bezos to come and see our flight off’

210702150011 richard branson jeff bezos split super tease
Richard Branson, the British billionaire and entrepreneur, announced late Thursday that he would attempt to go to space on July 11, just nine days before the world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, will make his own spaceflight. But even as he effectively cut ahead of Bezos, Branson dismissed the notion of it being a “race” and went so far as to invite his fellow billionaire to come watch.


Things you should never tolerate in love

84018139No matter who and how you love in a relationship, respect always comes first. People blind in love often forget to set boundaries with their partners that indicate lack of control in their lives and relationships, which is very necessary. Physical, emotional or mental problems in a relationship are a clear sign that these issues are hampering your individual growth, especially if your partner is not cooperative enough. In account of this, here are some things you should never tolerate in a relationship.

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Same-sex couples narrate their incredible love stories

83887616As we celebrate Pride Month, we bring to you 4 queer couples who talk about how their relationships magically worked out despite the challenges life threw their way.

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Jill Biden In UK With Husband Joe Biden Brings LOVE From America

US First Lady Jill Biden struck an inclusive tone Thursday, in her choice of words and clothing, as she accompanied President Joe Biden on his first foreign tour.

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