COVID recovery: When do you require post-COVID-care?

84678695While the cases ebb and recovery rates continue to rise, we are now facing a growing rise of post-COVID-complications and witnessing people suffering from long COVID symptoms.

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US Issues “Do Not Travel” Advisory For UK Amid Rise In COVID-19 Cases

The US State Department and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) both issued on Monday their highest warnings against travel to the United Kingdom because of a rising number of…

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‘It’s One Of The Greatest Honors We Could Do To Our Country’: Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Returns To Coney Island This Fourth Of July

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This year's competition will move from Nathan's on Surf Avenue to Coney Island's Maimonides Park with as many fans as they can hold.


Suburban Brothers Held For 33 Days In Florida In Crime They Say They Had Nothing To Do With; Arrests Remain On Their Records Despite No Charges

A father-son trip to Florida took a life-changing turn for two brothers from south suburban Lansing. Hours after arriving, the brothers found themselves behind bars. They sat there for more than a month, even though charges were never…


What you can and can’t do after vaccination

83806855The novel coronavirus has become a tragic part of our lives and currently, there seems to be no escape from it. That being said, COVID vaccines have become our only means of hope and the only way we can protect ourselves from the virus. Since the rollout of the vaccines in and around the world, millions of people have already got themselves vaccinated and many more are looking forward to it.

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Buckingham Palace Must Do Better On Diversity, Says Royal Source

Buckingham Palace, which has come under fire from Queen Elizabeth’s grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan for the way it deals with race, has not done enough to increase diversity among staff, a…

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30 Best Things to Do in Greece


30 Best Things to Do in Greece : What’s not to love about Greece? Idyllic islands with white sandy beaches and gin-clear waters. Rich and deep-rooted culture and history dating back centuries. Warm and friendly locals who welcome you with open arms. And delicious, simple cuisine like nowhere else in the world.



Rajasthan launches health insurance scheme for all, CM Gehlot claims ‘first state to do so’

The state began the registration for Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme, announced by chief minister Ashok Gehlot in the state budget 2021-22.

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Things a strong woman wouldn’t do for a man

82942296Ladies, loving a man and giving your all in a relationship is definitely true love but losing yourself eventually is not. Realising your true potential and running after a man aimlessly will only define you more as a weak woman whose world only revolves around her man. Women are so much more than that. You are a person with a flourishing personality who should value her potential and individuality more. Hence, here are the top 5 things a strong woman should never have to do for a man.

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