Zodiac couples who are most complicated

Zodiac couples who are most complicatedWhat if we tell you that one can predetermine which couples have the most complicated relationships? Yes, it is possible! Here is a look at zodiac couples who have the most complicated relationships.

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Same-sex couples narrate their incredible love stories

83887616As we celebrate Pride Month, we bring to you 4 queer couples who talk about how their relationships magically worked out despite the challenges life threw their way.

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‘This is crazy’: Lynchburg couple’s camper, everything they owned stolen overnight

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A Lynchburg couple lost everything they owned after they packed up and hit the road to move closer to family. Bev and Tim Nyden just sold their house last Monday. SEE ALSO:Missing Lynchburg elderly woman found safeAfter 25 years in Lynchburg, they decided to move to Oregon, to be closer to their family. But, during their road trip, things took an unexpected turn. “It was gone, it was just gone. It was like disbelief, what? This is crazy! ” said Bev Nyden.


Couples share ‘silent killers’ in a marriage

83110759What really causes a divorce? Is it the ardent and noticeable differences in opinions and views, or is it because both partners have fallen out of love? Actually, after many pieces of research, experts have concluded that some very specific reasons contribute to the end of the marriage, and the most common one being ‘silent killers’ of a relationship i.e the factors that go completely unnoticed. Hence, some divorced couples tell us what the silent killers in their relationship have been.

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