Air traffic controller’s ‘slip of the tongue’ nearly causes plane crash

An air traffic controller at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport gave incorrect instructions to pilots in an incident that nearly saw two planes come within 300 feet of crashing into each other on Tuesday.Air traffic controller’s ‘slip of the tongue’ nearly causes plane crash

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Elsa-Related Tornado Causes $1 million in Damage in Port Royal, S.C.

A tornado spawned as Tropical Storm Elsa moved inland across South Carolina caused about $1 million damage to buildings in the Beaufort County town of Port Royal, officials said. At least 44 buildings in the town of 13,000 suffered some …

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Why a French culture war you’ve never heard of causes huge traffic problems

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In France, the entire country is divided by one crucial factor — whether August or July is the best month to go to the beach. It's an issue that annually creates one of the world's biggest traffic snarl-ups and this year forced the government to rethink Covid vaccination rules.


Bomb Threat On Air France Flight Causes Security Scare

French authorities are probing a bomb threat made against an Air France plane flying from the capital of Chad to Paris which landed without incident on Thursday, the interior ministry said.

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