California: Dixie fire rages across 1,200 acres, evacuation warning issued

84420236As firefighters struggle to contain exploding wildfires as the heat wave hits the US West, yet another fire has broken out in California’s Butte County. The Dixie fire, which ignited around 5pm on Tuesday, has spread across 1,200 acres, burning towards the north away from populated areas.

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Apple Said to Offer 120Hz OLED Displays Across Entire iPhone 14 Range

iPhone 14 (or 2022 iPhone) lineup may come with 120Hz OLED displays across all models, a report from South Korea has suggested. The displays could be procured from LG Display.

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Delta Variant May Become Predominant Mutation Across US: Medical Body

The Delta variant is the second most prevalent coronavirus mutation in the US and is predicted to become the predominant one in the coming weeks, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)…

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Facial recognition tech has been widely used across the US government for years, a new report shows

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As George Floyd's death sparked protests in cities across the country, six federal agencies turned to facial-recognition software in an effort to identify people in images of the civil unrest, according to a new report from a government agency.


Android 12 Will Have the Same Sharing Menu Across Apps: Report

Google is restricting third-party apps from replacing the native Sharesheet in Android 12 to offer the same sharing menu across all apps, according to a report.

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