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The Beauty

Just because you don’t have a garden doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy an amazing horticultural experience. Several of our indoor plants will do just as well in the Australian outdoors… on your patio, deck or in your yard area. Primarily however we sell houseplants, a few plants indoors are an ideal way to create a centrepiece, bring life to a room and energise any dull space. When you are looking for rare or unusual plants to brighten your space, Home of Houseplants is sure to inspire.

The Feng Shui

Our plants are easy to maintain and many retain a large amount of moisture, Shui. Magical to view and many consider them to hold keys to prosperity. Ancient Feng Shui scripts on interior decoration suggest using indoor plants with soft and round leaves for interior decorating. Our gorgeous indoor plants can help Feng Shui a home for wealth.

The Health Benefits

There are real health benefits to having our beautiful indoor plants around your home. All plants will help absorb CO2 and refresh the air. Carefully selected and well placed plants around your home or office can help assist in reducing stress, boosting your creativity whilst improving mood. Improving the ambience of your immediate surroundings improves your outlook and can be a positive influence in your life and work.

Assuring You The Best Experience

“Every plant I sell has been treated with love and care and I always ensure extra careful packaging, as I want it to adorn your home with the same beauty it left mine”

Jo Howski
Owner, Home of Houseplants


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