Delta connects Cape Town with Atlanta

Starting December 2, 2022, Delta Air Lines will be extending their network in South Africa with the addition of a “triangular” route.

Nonstop flights from Cape Town and Johannesburg to Atlanta will be launched soon. This increase in service means more daily operations from both cities to the U.S. by the end of this year.

Delta connects Cape Town with Atlanta
Delta connects Cape Town with Atlanta – Image by cxjuanalvarez from Pixabay

Delta’s premium economy seat features a wider, deeper reclining seat, an adjustable foot and leg rest, and better service. You also get a multi-functional amenity kit with travel necessities.

Delta is now offering WiFi that can be purchased on board, as well as in-seat power. Delta also provides a variety of food and beverage that come from suppliers across the globe

The new route offers international travel only – customers are unable to travel domestically from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

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