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Our activities involve

  • Promoting lifelong healthy eating habits
  • Going beyond the classroom: involving the whole school, families and the community
  • Establishing school “learning” gardens: linking classroom lessons with practice
  • Developing national guidelines for better diets and nutrition
  • Creating environments that support good nutrition and healthful food choices

Nutrition education is not just learning about foods and nutrients, but learning what to do and how to act to improve nutrition.

The Nutrition Education and Consumer Awareness Team provides technical support to countries to develop policies and programmes to increase public awareness of the importance of eating well, foster food environments that enable healthy food choices and build the capacities of individuals and institutions to adopt food and nutrition practices that promote good health.

Nutrition education helps to build the capacities for people to:

  • feed themselves and their families well
  • get the right foods at the right prices
  • prepare healthy foods and meals which they enjoy
  • recognize poor food choices and resist them
  • teach their children and others about healthy eating



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