Coronavirus latest: San Francisco to shelter-at-home as California smashes Covid case record

Peter Wells in New York

New York reported its second-biggest one-day jump in coronavirus cases on record, marking the first time during the pandemic that the seven most populous US states have simultaneously reported daily increases of more than 10,000.

A further 11,371 people tested positive, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed this afternoon, up from 9,855 on Thursday. 

It was the first time the Empire State, which ranks fourth by population, has had more than 10,000 cases in a single day since April 25 and sat just 300 infections shy of the record 11,571 reported on April 15.

California, the most populous state, on Friday reported 22,018 infections, a one-day record for any state. 

Texas, which ranks second by population, tallied 13,581 new cases, the health department revealed this afternoon. That was down from 13,857 on Thursday and compared to a record jump of 15,182 new cases on Tuesday.

Florida, which ranks third by population, had a further 10,177 cases. That is down from 10,656, which was its biggest single-day increase since July 25, putting aside nearly 16,800 infections reported last Friday that made up for no new data reported on Thanksgiving a day earlier.

Texas, California and Florida, in that order, are the only three states to have tallied more than 1m infections since the start of the pandemic.

Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio, which rank fifth, sixth and seventh by population, reported 11,763, 10,526 and 10,114 new cases, respectively. Of those, only Pennsylvania’s was a record.

Increased testing capacity since the summer means daily cases may not be directly comparable with levels earlier on during the pandemic. Unlike other stages of the crisis — that focused on northeastern states in spring and the sunbelt in summer — the latest surge is prompting a rise in cases, hospitalisations and deaths across almost the entire country.

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