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Introducing The Best Garden Tool For Weeding

Since 2002, the CobraHead Weeder & Cultivator has been the ultimate garden tool for weeding and gardening. The CobraHead is a multipurpose hand tool for use in gardening, horticulture and agriculture that is superior to all similar tools on the market. Our team at CobraHead has designed a line of gardening products to help all landscapers and gardeners weed more efficiently. Our goal at CobraHead is to offer you the best tool in earth. Our line of CobraHead Weeder & Cultivators will make weeding easier and put the joy back in gardening.

Original Weeder & Cultivator

The CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator is an ergonomic garden tool that has a tempered steel blade designed to break through any type of soil, even clay! With its lightweight design, it serves as a multipurpose gardening tool that is great for weeding, cultivating, digging, planting and transplanting.

Long Handled Weeder & Cultivator

At CobraHead, we are gardeners too, so we know how much strain gardening can put on anyone’s back over time. We worked overtime to design the long-handled Weeder & Cultivator for our customers who find it difficult to use shorter-handheld gardening tools. Our long handled tools weigh in at less than three pounds and come with the option of 48″, 54″ and 60″ handles. They are designed with the same steel blade as our Original Weeder & Cultivator and are just as versatile as their little brother.

Mini Weeder & Cultivator

After years of customer feedback and testing, we discovered that even our most popular gardening tools weren’t always the perfect fit for every size garden. That’s why we launched the Cobrahead Mini Weeder & Cultivator for precision gardening. Built with the same “steel fingernail” design, this is our smallest garden tool yet.

Durable And Trustworthy Cobrahead Products

Our most popular tools can also be purchased as a package deal for greater value & savings. At CobraHead, we want our customers to feel they are getting the best garden tool for weeding, so we offer a one-year unconditional warranty with all of our tools. For any additional product information you can contact us at 1 (866) 962-6272.

I’ve found CobraHead to be one of the most durable tools out in the landscape. Used for a wide range of purposes, our volunteers also find CobraHead to be the preferred tool of choice. The longevity of this well-constructed tool will be measured in decades and beyond which is not typical anymore!

Mark Dwyer

Director of Horticulture at Rotary
Botanical Gardens (Janesville, WI)

I love my CobraHead because it is easy as 1-2-3 to get in between flagstones in order to easily pop out weeds!.

Shawna Coronado

Author, columnist, blogger, photographer, and spokesperson with green lifestyle living, organic gardening, and healthy cooking who campaigns for social good.

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