Best Garden Multi Tool Reviews UK November 2020

Garden Multi Tool Buying Guide

Buying the best garden multi tool is often difficult, as there is a massive range of products with various types of attachments available. So, it helps to know a few things before you buy to help find the best garden multi tool for your needs.

Power Source

There are two types of garden multi-tools available – electric and petrol. While electric garden multi tools have their advantages, namely being much quicker and eco-friendly, they do lack the power and affordability of their petrol counterparts.

Because of this, petrol garden multi tools are the most popular to buy. They offer exceptional power for their various tasks while also being more cost-effective. Furthermore, fuelling them with petrol is much easier compared to electric garden multi tools, which can take several hours to recharge once the battery dies.

Of course, an electric garden multi tool still has a lot to offer, you’ll just find the most popular models sold are typically petrol powered.


Like any power tool, it is important to consider the weight of a garden multi tool. You’ll likely be using it for long periods, so anything that is too heavy to operate may cause fatigue to set in. You don’t want to start feeling sore and achy from using a garden multi tool that is too heavy, so always check the weight of each model.

Make sure to think about the additional weight that each attachment adds to the tool too. If you find that most models appear too heavy to operate, look for models made from materials like aluminium, as these are usually much more lightweight.

Also, petrol powered garden multi tools are generally heavier than electric garden multi tools.


As mentioned, not all feature the same attachments, so you want to consider what gardening tasks you need to do to ensure you choose a product with suitable attachments. For instance, if you have a lot of maintenance on various plants and trees, then a 5-in-1 multi tool is probably the best option as these come with the most attachments.

However, not everyone needs every type of attachment for their garden. For example, if you only need to do some strimming, trimming back thick plants, and pruning tree branches, be sure to look for a tool with appropriate attachments – there’s no need to buy more attachments than you plan on using.

Also, not all multi tools have the same attachments. Some attachments are widespread – like a garden strimmer, brush cutters, chainsaws, and hedge trimmers – while others (such as leaf blowers and vacuums) are less common.

In any case, think about what type of gardening tasks you’ll be using it for and look for suitable attachments that can complete these tasks.


An often-overlooked aspect is the reach it offers. While a great reach isn’t always necessary, anyone trimming hedges or pruning branches from trees and shrubs will need a good length to their multi tool.

If you need to extend yourself to reach trees and shrubs maintaining then becomes more difficult and potentially dangerous, so look to ensure you have enough reach when using them.

Thankfully, most come with extendable poles or attachments to add further length to the device, meaning you can safely use them without needing to overreach.