Video Jeet Review – Software that can create and run your video blogs on Auto!

In a nutshell, what is Video Jeet?

Do you know that Google handles video content differently from routine blogs? If you have a video and an article written for a niche, the chances of a video popping up on the landing page are higher. This means you will have to find videos matching your content post it on your blog time and again so that your blog can rank. Video Jeet can do just this for you but without you!

Who is Video Jeet for?

This plugin is literally for anyone who wants to start ranking on Google which I am sure pretty much includes everyone. If you try to achieve this the standard way with content, keywords and SEO it can take you a long time or worse you may just never be able to make it at all to the Google SERP.

I am not even bothering to get into more intricacies as to who needs Video Jeet. No matter what your occupation you need it. Growth and expansion in this era is only possible if you have adequate digital footprints.

3 things I love about Video Jeet:

  1. The first best thing about this tool is that you don’t have to shell out a penny! This tool works with popular free blogging site such as Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress and Livejournal. All you need to do is set up your blog these free platforms and Video Jeet will run them at no additional cost.
  2. The second best part is Video Jeet’s breakthrough technology that makes it a one push button solution. All you need to do it give it your niche keywords and it will get to work. Everything is done on auto! With fresh video content being posted again and again you are sure to rank on Google.
  3. Finally the best of it all is that this tool actually pings Google after its done with the posting! How cool is that? Had it not been for Video Jeet I would have not even known such an option to ping search engine exists!

What will I get inside Video Jeet?

Researchers believe that soon about 80% of traffic on the internet will be from video blogs. Let Video Jeet do all the hard work for you day after day.

Here is what it will do:

  • Automatically finds fresh videos as per your niche and posts them to your blogs.
  • Automatically pings search engines and posts on social media.
  • Automatically converts the keywords targeted by YouTube videos to hashtags when it posts to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Supports Spintext, it will generate multiple versions of your call to actions and textual content that you put in.
  • Schedules post as per interval you set and it will do the rest.
  • You have manual control too, modify descriptions, titles, keywords as you desire.
  • Uses authorized APIs to make posts, letting you work with any theme or setup for your blogs.

Any drawbacks to Video Jeet?

Now this is a question you can answer! I have tried this tool and have seen exponential growth in traffic to my blogs. Try as I may I could not find anything wrong with this tool! Right from having the right permissions to seamless performance this tool is flawless. In fact Cyril has always been so confident of his products that he actually gives you a money back guarantee. Still wondering?

Try it. for yourself! There is nothing to lose.

Final thoughts on Video Jeet:

Capitalize on the big search loophole that converts videos into website content and gets you rankings automatically.The internet is full of rich video content. People are sweating it out to get on top of search engines and trying to develop the best of video. Now with Video Jeet you can make use of all this content and propel your blog on the Google search engine. This is a pathbreaking universal tool that actually makes others work for you while you chill out at some nice resort!

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TweetPush PRO Review – Get Twitter Traffic On Complete Autopilot

What is TweetPush PRO?

TweetPush PRO is a Twitter marketing tool that will help you in getting more traffic and audience on your Twitter handles that too on complete 100% autopilot. Even if you don’t know anything about Twitter marketing, don’t worry TweetPush PRO will take care of everything. So, you don’t have to spend all your time and day posting on Twitter.

Who is TweetPush PRO for?

If you are struggling to get traffic and audiences on your local business, then TweetPush PRO is the tool you need. It uses the best Twitter marketing techniques to get you in front of the audience who are ready and have the potential to buy what you are selling.

Some of the people who can benefit from TweetPush PRO are –

  • e-Commerce Marketers
  • Content Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • CPA Marketers

4 things I love about TweetPush PRO:

1) Twitter has the biggest concentration of actual real buyers across all social networks. TweetPush PRO takes this into consideration and brings you right in front of the audience that is ready and has the capability to buy what you are selling.

2) With TweetPush PRO you can schedule your tweets and even repeat tweets at fixed intervals. So, just set the intervals and relax.

3) TweetPush PRO not only gets you the required traffic, but also lets you reply in bulk to those who have tweeted using your keywords. This gets you hot traffic with buyers who are looking for products in your niche.

4) With TweetPush PRO you can create campaigns and connect your RSS feeds & YouTube channel to Twitter.

What will I get inside TweetPush PRO?

TweetPush PRO lets you get Twitter traffic on complete autopilot . Here is a detailed look at exactly what TweetPush PRO will do for you:

  • Grab traffic from trends based on locations and keywords & hashtags.
  • Find qualified leads and connect with them on auto.
  • Auto-reply, retweet, direct messages help you create engagement fast.
  • Monitor mentions, replies, and engage prospective leads quickly.
  • Get in front of buyers right when they want to buy.
  • Create campaigns and connect your RSS feeds & YouTube channel to Twitter.

Any drawback to TweetPush pro?

Do you want to keep on losing traffic on Twitter? Or just keep on searching and grabbing the people who will bring you sales? Well if that is the case then you may be at the receiving end. Cyril’s this product is definitely gonna get you to the fore on Twitter and this is not a short term thing at all. Once you start using TweetPush PRO so long as you keep at it you will get the required traffic on 100% autopilot. Now if you are repelled by being popular then maybe you should reconsider TweetPush PRO! Other than that just go for it without even batting your eyelid.

Final thoughts on TweetPush PRO:

The fact of the matter is that it is not possible to get the right set of targeted traffic every time you try to sell something. Sooner or later you will lose motivation or just get plain tired of all the hard work. Cyril has factored in every possible element of Twitter marketing with TweetPush PRO. If you have put in a lot of efforts in setting your business, then you must go ahead and buy TweetPush PRO. After all why waste your time and efforts in order to get the results, as TweetPush PRO will improve your analytics immediately. It will automate everything for you.

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Captivating beauty looks of Rekha

Be it her signature oxblood lips or Madonna inspired mole, Rekha’s beauty and hair looks were visually arresting.

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Find out your sunsign’s humour quotient

Whether they are funny or lame jokes, having a cracking funny bone is definitely a charmer! People love to be around those who have a great sense of humour, and who can cheer up a mundane moment with their positive and funny attitude. Astrologers have been quite successful in determining our personalities based on the twelve zodiac signs. And so, identifying your sense of humour becomes all the way easier. Hence, here is your sense of humour, according to zodiac signs.

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Common long-term symptoms after mild COVID-19

The novel coronavirus has taken a toll on a lot of people. Besides the challenges posed by the deadly disease, the lingering effects of COVID-19 seem to be more concerning and difficult to deal with. While many COVID patients recover in about 2 weeks time and are relieved once their symptoms subside, many go on to experience the lasting effects of the infection, even after they have tested negative for the virus.

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Sahil Shah the prime suspect in SSR drug case

The NCB has identified the prime suspect in the Sushant Singh Rajput drug case to be Sahil Shah and has already arrested two of his peddlers on Tuesday afternoon. Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede, when contacted, informed, “Sahil remained a puzzle for us for the last six months; we raided his house in Malad on Monday night, where his mother and wife were there. “

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Bolly Buzz: Celebs who made headlines today

From rumours of Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora’s engagement to Ranveer Singh starring in the Hindi remake of Tamil hit ‘Anniyan’, Alia Bhatt making a full recovery from COVID-19, and more, we bring you the latest edition of Bolly Buzz by ETimes.

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Film industry to abide by 15-day Maha curfew

The industry wants the government to extend the same financial help to daily wage workers of the industry as the CM has promised for construction workers and rickshaw drivers.

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Clubhouse coming to Android phones very soon

Clubhouse co-founder and CEO Paul Davison has confirmed that the company is indeed launching an Android app very soon.

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This CS: GO bug can let hackers take full control over your PC

With the new bug, hackers can take control of users’ systems by simply sending them CS: GO invite links to play the online multiplayer shooter.

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Samsung launches 2021 lineup of Neo QLED TVs, price starts at Rs 99,990

Samsung has launched its Neo QLED TV range in India. The lineup includes 5 TVs depending upon their display size — 85-inch, 75-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch and 50-inch TVs.The new range sports a nearly bezel-less Infinity One Design and an all-new Neo QLED panel.

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This may also be the main check out OnePlus Watch

OnePlus will liberate its first smartwatch on March 23 together with OnePlus 9 collection phones. Ahead of the reliable unencumber, an image of the OnePlus Watch has appeared online, giving the main glimpse of the upcoming smartwatch.

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Lava Magnum XL, Lava Air of mystery and Lava Ivory medication launched, rate starts at Rs 9,499

Lava Magnum XL is priced at Rs 15,499. Similarly, the Lava Air of mystery tablet may also be available at Rs 12,999. Lava Ivory, however, will retail at Rs 9,499. The gadgets may also be available by way of the e-commerce web site Flipkart starting in recent times.

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Nutritional dietary supplements would possibly keep those with low nutrition D stages from Covid-19

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Realme 8, 8 Skilled to run Realme UI 2.0, provide Super AMOLED divulge

BBK-owned smartphone brand Realme has been gearing up to unencumber the Realme 8 assortment smartphones in India. To create a buzz, the company and its India CEO — Madhav Sheth — have been revealing information about them online. In a sequence of tweets, Sheth has revealed 4 new choices of Realme 8 and Realme 8 Skilled smartphones.

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Char Dham Yatra of Uttarakhand

Char Dham Yatra Of Uttarakhand– A journey to Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath – is referred to as one of the sacred Hindu pilgrimage in India, nestled amid the majestic Himalayas of Uttarakhand. The 4 pilgrimage centres have been the epicentre of holy movements for a few years, and grab specific significance throughout the Hindu religion and a … Be told further

The put up Char Dham Yatra of Uttarakhand gave the impression first on

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70 Years After Extinction, Cheetahs to Roam the Jungles of India

The 365 days used to be as soon as 1947. India used to be as soon as at the cusp of breaking free from the trammels of the British rule. It used to be as soon as, however, a gloomy period inside the nation’s wildlife history. Maharaja Ramanuj Pratap Singh Deo of Koriya hunted and shot the general 3 recorded Asiatic cheetahs, and the government declared it extinct in 1952.

Decrease to 2021: India is laying the groundworks to reintroduce the huge cat once more in its jungles by way of the highest of this 365 days. Two skilled teams from two global places with the world’s best cheetah population—Namibia and South Africa—are expected to achieve in each week’s time to prep Indian wildlife execs and wooded house officers. The training session will quilt coping with, breeding, rehabilitation, scientific treatment and conservation of the animals. Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno-Palpur National Park, which has been monitored since 2006 for relocation of the Asiatic Lion, is much more likely to turn out to be the country’s first-ever cheetah sanctuary.

The talks of reintroducing the cheetah have been in place since a decade. However it indisputably used to be as soon as most straightforward in 2020 that the Highest Court gave the go ahead to introduce the spotted mammal. Irrespective, a single internet website online is not sustainable for a healthy population of the cheetah inside the country. Other identified internet sites with conducive habitats could be upgraded to host a population of 34-40 cheetahs over a procedure the next five-six years. That’s the number one time in the world that an enormous carnivore could be relocated from one continent to some other.


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NASA set to fly a mini helicopter on Mars

In a number one, the Perseverance rover on Mars is set to deploy a mini-helicopter named Ingenuity that can fly and uncover the Crimson Planet. After losing the debris give protection to, Perseverance will spend next couple of days following the Ingenuity’s flight zone on Mars.

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OnePlus Watch launched at Rs 16,999, offers 14 days battery lifestyles

OnePlus has launched its latest OnePlus 9 selection of smartphones in India at the present time. Along with this, the company has moreover launched its first smartwatch inside the country. Known as OnePlus Watch, the wearable comes with a round dial and looks reasonably similar to a ‘commonplace’ wrist watch.

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10 Festive Foods to Development All the way through India, This Holi

Celebratory indulgences, very similar to Holi’s grandiosity, are colourfully delicious. Homes and streets are covered with foods spreads which might be to be had in all shapes and flavours: bite-sized mithais are on entire display at sweet retail outlets; huge thalis and tall glasses of thandais are culinary invitations to communal feasts; and crimped ghujias are wolfed by way of hungry onlookers no sooner than they’re served. The scene used to be as soon as just about ritualistic of a pre-pandemic international. Then again with the virus nevertheless looming, most parts of the country have curbed jamborees. Colour splashing and water balloon fights may not be on the enjoying playing cards this 12 months, alternatively that is no explanation why cancel the festivities. It’s time to turn to foods—oftentimes a trusted mood elevator.

We’ve put together an unbelievable menu of breakfast alternatives and elaborate dessert alternatives from different corners of the country to amp up your spirits this socially-distanced Holi.


East India


This staple breakfast foods and evening time snack is cherished in Jharkhand and Bihar all 12 months round. Then again its versatility for passing off as an entrée or the main trail makes it a popular festive variety. The deep-fried dish is made from powdered rice, channa dal and potatoes, spiced with chilli and garnished with garlic. It is frequently served with piping scorching Bihari mutton curry or a humble potato curry.


Syrup-glazed malpua served with rose petals and dry fruits along side kesar milk lends a royal touch to the usual sweet. Image by way of: vm2002/ Shutterstock



This absolute stunner of a dessert believed to have originated in Odisha briefly gained over the East and the North Indian palates. The ones pancake-like, shallow fried fritters are drenched in sugar syrup and flavoured by way of cardamom, khoya or rabdi, dry fruits, saffron and rose petals. With a dish that looks as decadent as it tastes, there is no explanation why for it to not function on this festive menu.



West India

Kanji Vada

There is no upper strategy to beat the heat than to thrill in an invigorating cold drink. Kanji—a fermented beverage made of carrots, mustard and occasionally beetroot—is an icy refreshment served with delicate urad dal fritters—or vadas. This Holi explicit, stylish in Rajasthan and Gujarat, does no longer in point of fact really feel heavy on the stomach and aids digestion.


Garhwali kanji vada is the quickest strategy to cool down and fill your stomach after a scorching day. Image by way of: Indian Foods Images/ Shutterstock

Holi Jo Roat

The Sindhi roat is mythology served on a plate. The most popular Rajasthani sweet flat bread is an ode to the story of Holika dahan that celebrates victory of good over evil. In an attempt to kill her nephew Prahlad, she sat in blazing fireside with him and perished regardless of her boon to escape inferno unscathed, while the boy used to be as soon as saved by way of Lord Vishnu. The roat—a thick roti—is cooked on an open flame or on a dung cake, and is held together by way of raw cotton strings that keep untouched by way of the fireside. They do not burn or come undone, symbolising the spirit of Prahlad. While the speculation of it to ensure kids’s immunity is untested, it is definitely worth an experimental meal to development a method of Sindh-Marwari cuisine.


North India


Pallar—a not-so-distant cousin of the kanji—is a fermented Gharhwali beverage guzzled by way of the glasses in Uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh. The concoction is a healthy mixture of buttermilk, ground spices, chillies, mustard and fenugreek seeds. The acidity of the buttermilk and the punch from the tempered spices is a smart variety to thandai and salted lassi.



It may be tough to suggest the beginning position of the fudge-like mithai given their long-standing history, alternatively there is no doubt that the plethora of types beneath this elegance are overwhelming. Every time there is a pageant throughout the northern states, there is a barfi in a position for doorstep greetings. From Uttrakhand’s Bal mithai to Punjab’s Doda barfi—halwais offer a variant of flavours to select from. Without reference to the example, one can certainly not move mistaken with the ones antique Indian confectioneries—made the use of condensed milk, khoya, and ghee.


Jharkhand’s street snack dhuska, served as a quick chaat or as an elaborate meal with mutton curry, rounds up Holi’s festivities in a chunk. Image by way of: GR8DESIGNS/ Shutterstock

Chaats and Savoury Bites

Facet highway foods markets are broadly stylish all of the way from Uttar Pradesh to Punjab. With in a position to eat lip-smacking chaats at each turn, it comes as no surprise that scrumptious street foods like channa masala, pani puri, papri chaat, kachoris and tea snacks an identical to namak pare found out all over North India change into customary Holi snacks. Tangy and extremely spiced masalas, refreshing curd and crunchy goodness that make up dissolute bites of raj kachori are simple however not possible to withstand indulgences.


Bhang Pakoras and Ghujias

Bhang’s association with Holi goes once more to the story of Parvati seeking Kamadeva’s lend a hand to hold Shiva once more to the sphere from a meditative state. His return used to be as soon as celebrated by way of consuming bhang on Holi. Pakoras and ghujias—two standard festive accompaniments, with the most productive in Varanasi—are a mix of sweet and savoury nibbles that get a sacred twist with 10 grams of bhang seed powder. Traditionally, the ones snacks are great accompaniments to kanji or jaljeera.


South India

Poornam Boorelu

Another hidden giant identify of the celebratory treats—poornam boorelu, also known as poornalu—is a standard dessert of Andhra Pradesh. The ones fried rice and lentil dumplings full of a coconut, jaggery, dry fruit and cardamom mixture are melt-in-the-mouth decadent. A chunk of this sweet is obvious of the knockout punch that this recipe packs, and its accompaniment to all meals furthers its versatility.


Karnataka’s ghee-brushed obattu, a popular variant of the Maharastrian puran poli, is easiest conceivable when served scorching. Image by way of: Shutterstock



This standard Carnatic dish, frequently ate up as an extravagant Sunday meal, is a sweet paratha full of an aromatic concoction of jaggery, dry fruits, lentils, nutmeg and cardamom. Obbattu uses all-purpose flour and oil for the dough as opposed to the Maharashtrian puran poli that is made with whole wheat flour. Very best conceivable for any meal from breakfast to dinner, this flatbread weighted down with ghee, is good enough to be wolfed on its own, but it surely certainly moreover tastes smartly with mango pachadi, katachi amti. Its flavours are probably the most most simple techniques to in point of fact really feel the festive frenzy, or just the warm comfort of your home.


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