Most blue states will make Biden’s July 4 vaccine goal. The red ones won’t.

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America looks increasingly unlikely to reach President Joe Biden's July 4 vaccine goal… The overall picture masks an underlying pattern: Nearly all of the states Biden won will make his goal, while all of the states he lost are unlikely to.


The Sicilians using Covid to change the €1 home schemes

Italy’s famous €1 home projects are usually loved by foreigners wanting to build holiday homes. But the Covid-19 pandemic has changed people’s priorities, bringing an influx of young people back to one Sicilian town. Now they want to attract other people to revitalize their home.D8P vMwo TI

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Travel is back — and so are travel scams

With more widespread vaccinations and relaxed travel restrictions, many people are making long-awaited vacation plans. But scammers are making plans of their own to separate eager travelers from their money via too-good-to-be-true vacation packages, fake airfare deals and other shady schemes.Z9MzXWX9e8E

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Flight attendant loses two teeth after altercation with passenger

Following a series of incidents aboard aircraft, including an assault that left a flight attendant with facial injuries and two missing teeth, the union representing Southwest Airlines’ flight attendants is urging the company to take stronger steps to protect its members from an “epidemic of aggression and assault.”EAEJEKq5fpI

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These double-decker airplane cabin concepts could be the future of flying

Nominees have been announced for the 2021 Crystal Cabin Awards’ Judges’ Choice and Clean and Safe Air Travel categories. The shortlist includes some striking concepts that could revolutionize the airplane economy cabin.H0Dy jphDcs

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