10. Letter of Inquiry Regarding: Tourist Destination

Writing a letter of enquiry is very common these days. So we are providing you with a letter of inquiry format so that you may inquire about different things and services. We shall give you some letter of inquiry for a Tourist Destination which is written to the Director of Tourism. This can be used as inquiry email. So go through this letter of inquiry sample and enrich yourself.

You want to visit Udaipur and two other cities of Rajasthan during the next summer vacations. Write a letter to the Director, Rajasthan Tourism, Jaipur enquiring about at least four things that you consider important before you plan your visit. You are Venkatesh Iyer living at 3, Anna Nagar, Nambaccum, Chennai.

Required enquiry: whether tourists’ lives secure?, whether conducted tours officially organised ?, whether accommodation for night halt available at Rest Houses?

Ans:-3, Anna Nagar

Nambaccum, Chennai

March 5, 2020



 The Director,

 Rajasthan Tourism



 Subject: About Tourist Destination


We, a party of about 20 students from Chennai, have a plan to visit Rajasthan during the coming summer vacation. Since it will be our first visit to North India, we are a bit shaky. Would you please supply the following information at the earliest to enable us to finalise our tour programme in time?

  • Are the tourist secure from highwaymen, the terrorist and the police highhandedness in your state?
  • Which places are worth-visiting? Does your department organise tours?
  • Shall we get accommodation for a night halt at Rest Houses?
  • What is the guarantee that we shall not be fleeced?
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An early reply is solicited.

Yours faithfully

Venkatesh Iyer

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